Download E-books Plants: 2,400 Royalty-Free Illustrations of Flowers, Trees, Fruits and Vegetables (Dover Pictorial Archive) PDF

By Jim Harter

This striking choice of engravings presents designers and advertisement artists with an impressive sourcebook of Victorian-era plant pictures — all royalty-free. integrated are 2,400 crisply distinctive illustrations of 1000s of vegetation — from lilies, lichens, mushrooms and marigolds, to poppies, hands, maples, and mosses.
Selected from infrequent courses relationship from the 1840s to the flip of the century, the illustrations surround a variety of plant species and classifications: backyard vegetation, cactuses, bromeliads, ferns, deciduous bushes, evergreens, grasses, legumes, orchids, nightshades, and lots of extra. All are pointed out with Latin or universal names and are prepared alphabetically via kin. additionally offered are really expert appendices on suitable for eating meals, medicinal herbs, and vegetation utilized in ornament and in image layout, together with borders and motifs.
Created in the course of a interval whilst wooden engraving had reached its zenith and develop into a vastly sophisticated artwork, those well suited royalty-free illustrations might be an vital and inspirational source for artists and craftspeople operating in numerous components. the gathering also will satisfaction botanists, gardeners, and creditors of previous engravings, all of whom are bound to treasure this tribute to the wonder and countless number of the plant kingdom.

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Gramineae (bamboos, different grasses) Bambusa arundinacea, various bamboo Panicum virgatum Unidentified number of bamboo Panicum capillare Elymus arenarius, lyme grass Bambusa nana Arundinaria simoni web page 118. Gramineae (cultivated grains) Hordeum jubatum Zea mays, Indian corn Zea mays, corn Oryza sativa, bearded rice type Panicum sp. , Sorghum sp. , and Eleusine sp. Harvesting unidentified grain crop Oryza sativa, beardless rice type Saccharum officinarum Sorghum vulgare saccharatum, chinese language sugar cane web page 119. Gramineae (grasses, bamboos, cereals) Bambusa falcata Briza minor Bambusa aurea, golden bamboo Tricholaena sp. Festuca glauca, fescue grass Pampas grass Saccharum aegyptiacum web page a hundred and twenty. Gramineae (grasses) Arundo donax Erianthus ravennae Panicum plicatum variegatum Lagurus ovatus Saccharum aegyptiacum Phleum pratense, Timothy grass Large-leaved gymnothrix or ‘Lady’s Hair’ grass Gynerium argenteum, pampas grass web page 121. Gramineae (grasses) Teosinte, euchlaena Zea japonica variegata, decorative corn Dactylis sp. , orchard grass Gynerium argenteum, pampas grass Bromus brizaeformis Zea mays variegata, quite a few corn Eulalia zebrina Pennisetum latijolium, gymnothrix web page 122. Gramineae (grasses) Honduras type grain sorghum Anthoxanthum odoratum Sorghum halepense Hordeum nodosum web page 123. Gramineae (grasses) Paspalum ovatum Phleum pratense, Timothy web page 124. Gramineae (grasses) Bearded darnel Bermuda grass Blue grass Buffalo grass Stipa viridula, bunch grass Ereocoma cuspidata, bunch grass Chess Crab grass Gama grass nice bunch grass Gramma grass Guinea grass Herd’s grass Johnson grass Kentucky blue grass Lyme grass Meadow fescue Meadow foxtail Nimble will Orchard grass Porcupine grass quickly grass pink best Red-topped buffalo grass Rye grass Seneca grass Sheep’s fescue Small reed grass Squirrel-tail grass Velvet grass Vernal grass wooden grass web page a hundred twenty five. Gymnospermae: Cupressaceae (junipers, cypress, cedars) and Pinaceae Pseudolarix kaempferi, golden pine (Pinaceae) Juniperus communis hibernica (Cupressaceae) Juniperus communis, universal juniper (Cupressaceae) Cypress, Cupressaceae Thuja occidentalis, American arborvitae, white cedar (Cupressaceae) Abies balsamea, Balsam fir web page 126. Gymnospermae: Pinaceae (pines, spruces) and Cupressaceae (cedars) Thuja occidentalis sibirica, Siberian arborvitae (Cupressaceae) Pinus aristata, cone, a species of pine (Pinaceae) Cupressus lawsoniana (Cupressaceae) Pinus cembra (Pinaceae) Picea engelmannii, Engelman spruce (Pinaceae) Picea glanca, white spruce (Pinaceae) web page 127. Gymnospermae: Pinaceae (pines, spruces, firs), Taxaceae (yews), and Taxodiacene (cypress) Taxus baccata dovastoni, quite a few yew (Taxaceae) Unidentified number of yew (Taxaceae) Abies anadensis, hemlock fir (Pinaceae) Taxus baccata (Taxaceae) Taxodium distichum, bald cypress cone (Taxodiaceae) Pinus pungens (Pinaceae) Abies mertensiana (Pinaceae) web page 128.

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