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By Ernst Lehner

Dover guides, Inc., long island 1950 Symbols, symptoms, and Seals: 1355 illustrations. publication divided into thirteen sections, each one with a separate short advent. nice for reference, ornamental and advertisements paintings.

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F.? ) from Hans Singrieners “Vögelin Praktik” (1534) web page 70 The Weights 302 ONE POUND 303 equivalent volume sixty five 304 ONE OUNCE 305 ONE DRAM 306 ONE SCRUPLE 307 ONE PINCH 308 ONE PINT The tools 309 CRUCIBLE 310 nonetheless 311 RETORT 312 GRILLE 313 RECEIVER 314 GLASS DROPPER 315 SCULL 316 WICK 317 OVEN AND nonetheless from a German Woodcut (17th Century) web page seventy one The objectives 318 to 324 GOLD 325 to 327 SILVER sixty six THE 4 stages OF ALCHEMY from Johannes Daniel Mylius’s “Philosophia Reformata” (1622) 328 MELANOSIS—Blackening 329 LEUCOSIS—Whitening 330 XANTHOSIS—Yellowing 331 IOSIS—Reddening PAGES seventy two to seventy five The fabrics 332 COPPER 333 LEAD 334 ANTIMONY 335 MERCURY 336 TIN 337 NICKEL 338 IRON 339 MAGNESIA 340 ZINC 341 metal sixty seven 342 BISMUTH 343 IRON FILINGS 344 COPPER SPLINTS 345 BRASS 346 GLASS 347 SULPHUR 348 NITRE vegetation 349 pink ARSENIC 350 WHITE ARSENIC 351 ARSENIC-SULPHUR 352 YELLOW ARSENIC 353 NITRIC ACID 354 AQUA VITAE 355 CINDER 356 wooden 357 SOOT 358 VITRIOL 359 CAUSTIC LIME 360 LIME 361 CRIBBLED ASHES sixty eight 362 CRYSTAL 363 CLAY 364 BORAX 365 ALUM 366 SOAPSTONE 367 BURNED PEBBLES 368 GRAVEL 369 BURNED ALUM 370 CHALC 371 STONE 372 POTASH 373 NITRE OIL 374 VINEGAR 375 BURNED HARTSHORN 376 URINE 377 VERDIGRIS 378 GINGER 379 MANURE 380 EGGSHELLS 381 SUGAR sixty nine 382 WINE SPIRIT 383 YELLOW WAX 384 HONEY 385 ROCK SALT 386 SEA SALT 387 CINNABAR 388 to 391 ALCHEMISTS AT paintings from J. J. Manget’s “Bibliotheca Chemica Curiosa” (1702) web page seventy six The Alchemical procedures 392 TORREFACTION OF GOLD 393 TORREFACTION OF SILVER 394 AMALGAMATION 395 to combine 396 TO BOIL 397 TO PURIFY 398 to unravel 399 TO TAKE four hundred TO PULVERIZE 401 TO clear out 70 402 TO ROT 403 AMALGAM 404 ESSENCE 405 FUMES 406 POWDER 407 TO DISTILL 408 TO COMPOSE 409 TO elegant ALCHEMY THE paintings OF ALCHEMY was once passed down in the course of the centuries from Egypt and Arabia to Greece and Rome, and at last to western and imperative Europe. The goals of the alchemists have been threefold: to discover the Stone of data, to find the medium of everlasting formative years and future health, and to find the transmutation of metals. To the medieval alchemist’s brain different metals have been however the related unique substance in various levels of purity. Gold was once the purest of all and silver heavily. All his paintings used to be directed towards one objective: the invention of a style through which the purification of gold will be complete. at the hours of darkness a long time the perform of alchemy used to be lower than ban. The church adverse it as a black and satanic artwork. Rulers suppressed it on the grounds that they feared that the ability of people seventy one to manufacture an enormous offer of gold could undermine the basics in their absolutistic reign. within the early days of alchemy the astronomical indicators of the planets have been extensively utilized as alchemical symbols. Then within the centuries of medieval persecution and suppression each alchemist invented his personal mystery symbols. Charlatans, quacks, and cheats took over and alchemy turned, in addition to sorcery and witchcraft, the cesspool of fraud and extortion. within the 18th century scientists attempted to pry unfastened the genuine achievements in chemistry, pharmacology, and medication from this approximately inextricable jungle of technology, magic, quack medication, half-knowledge, and simple swindle.

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